Update for August 2008

Cuyamaca Equestrian Association

Update for August 2008

Meeting day and location: The first Thursday of each month at Coco’s restaurant,1324 E. Main Street El Cajon (near Main and 2nd/Jamacha). The meetings start at 7 p.m.. Come at 6:30 and have dinner beforehand and visit. The next meeting will be Thursday September 4th, 2008. Questions or directions: Linda Eskin 619 368-4333 (cell) or linda@lindaeskin.com.

Park News

* Los Caballos Trail – It was hoped that this important connecting trail between the Marty Minshall trail by Cuyamaca Lake and the California Riding and Hiking Trail toward Azalea and points south would be reopened August 1. There have been some delays due to additional Native American consultation and additional archeological studies….CEA will continue to check on progress on reopening this trail.
* Horse camp in Cuyamaca - CEA requested information on the status of Los Vaqueros North which was the overwhelming favorite in the NOP of July 2006. Per State Parks: “After consultation with local Native Americans (required by law) the advice of our legal counsel was that using that site would be difficult to defend legally.”
* Equestrian Staging Areas
o Paso Picacho East – CEA reviewed concept designs and made input for horse and rig friendly modifications. Drawings need engineering input next.
o Hual Cu Cuish - Please tell people about this equestrian staging area just off Milk Ranch Rd near Cuyamaca Lake, Azalea and Middle Peak. Reminder: pick up all manure and trash. Practice “Leave No Trace”.
* Granite Springs Water – The pump needs replacing at a cost of $3406. Due to the state budget situation, this project will wait for needed funds, along with other park deferred needs. In the meantime, water is available at Dyar Springs.
* Merigan Staging Project – No update.
* Adopt a work party - Encourage your club membership to volunteer for a workparty

date in 2008. Information on the CEA website www.cuyamacaequestrian.org

Fages Ride – September 26-28/9, 2008. Registration is open; forms available at www.cuyamaca.us and www.cuyamacaequestrian.org $40 for a weekend of camping, dinner, breakfast and the historical ride. Or come for ride/dinner/breakfast. Ride will be staged at Los Vaqueros Group Camp. Please contact Cindy. (619) 390-9553 mckww@cox.net Volunteers are needed for putting on this event

California Equestrian Trails and Land Coalition (CET&LC)

CEA is sending Linda Eskin and Nola Michel to the annual meeting of CET&LC, “A collective voice representing the many thousands of California’s equestrian trails and public and private land users. . .” www.calequestriancoalition.org Also see www.californiatrails.org Common Ground Task Force.

Los Caballos Historic Site nomination – Historic Inventory Assessment

As you know, when the destruction by State Parks of Los Caballos was planned in September 2007, CEA set out to preserve and protect Los Caballos as a historic site. CEA initiated a project to support a formal historic site nomination and requested donor funds to support that project. In the research and efforts to develop supporting documentation and in consultation with our advisor Bill Davis, it became apparent that the project was beyond the scope of CEA and was likely not the most effective approach. In addition we appreciated the greater historical use of the north end of the park, beyond the horse camp and including the various historical period of early exploration, Mexican land grant, mining, logging, grazing, transportation, Cuyamaca City, Stonewall Mine, California Conservation Corps projects, camping by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, development of the State Park, California Riding and Hiking Trail, along with Los Caballos.

Most importantly the formal acceptance and publication of the private party funded and State Park supported Village Site Historic Nomination alarmed all recreation-minded individuals and organizations with its restrictive land use language and stated intent to broaden impact to Stonewall Peak, Hual Cu Cuish and other park treasures. Therefore, we asked Bill Davis to create a statement that would present the concerns of all users and enjoyers of Cuyamaca State Park. CEA concluded again that this issue is larger than the equestrians and larger than Los Caballos and approached CRSPIA to join forces in editing the statement and presenting it to State Parks. CRSPIA Board agreed and will work with CEA in this project.

CEA, and CRSPIA, believe this is the most important action to be taken on behalf of all the citizens of California who are at risk of being closed out of their state parks. Los Caballos is the symbol/emblem representing a drift away from balancing recreation and resource protection, a movement toward closure rather than legally provided mitigation, a higher value placed on prehistoric rather than historic uses, and an exclusion of the public from public lands. Please join with CEA and CRSPIA in taking a stand. Once it’s lost, it’s gone.
How to Support CEA

Cuyamaca Equestrian Association is requesting funds from horse organizations and individual equestrians for the following accounts to further CEA’s work. Donations are tax deductible.

1. Operational Funds for CEA – Make your check out to CEA and write “General Fund” on the memo line.
2. Los Caballos Fund – Make your check out to CEA and write “Los Cab” on the memo line. Fund is for services of consulting attorney Bill Davis and consulting archeologist Kent Schneider PhD working on preserving and protecting recreational and specifically equestrian access to our state park. Urgent need!! Matching donation promised for donations $500 or more.
3. Mail checks to: CEA, PO Box 79, Descanso, CA 91916.

Your donations are much appreciated in the support of equestrian interests in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

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