Update for April 2009

Cuyamaca Equestrian Association

Every interested equestrian is welcome to attend CEA General Meetings.

Meeting day and location: CEA meetings are the first Thursday each month at Coco’s restaurant,1324 E. Main Street, El Cajon (near Main and 2nd/Jamacha). The meetings start at 7 p.m. Come at 6:30 and have dinner beforehand and visit. The next meeting will be May 7, 2009. Questions or directions: Linda Eskin 619 368-4333 (cell) or linda@lindaeskin.com.

Save Los Caballos: A step closer to trial on CEA’s legal petition to prevent State Parks from destroying the historic Los Caballos Horse Camp by skirting the CEQA process.
At the April court date a continuance was obtained in order for State Parks to make a proposal. Another court date is May 14 to set trial if a settlement has not been reached. CEA is fully prepared for trial. Would you please send a tax deductible donation to support this legal action? Cory has significantly reduced his fees on our behalf as he believes State Parks will lose in court and end up paying his attorney fees. Please consider sending a donation and also asking folks (not just equestrians) who value recreation access to our public lands to support this effort. Tax deductible donations may be written to CEA and sent to CEA, PO Box 79, Descanso, CA 91916. Any donation of $500 or more will be matched and also qualifies for a refund (proportional to expenses incurred) if the lawsuit settles or we prevail in court. CEA is also seeking to partner with other trail advocates, corporations, access organizations, seek grants, and others. If you have suggestions or contacts that we may pursue, please contact Ernie Smith, ernestoz@yahoo.com or 619-445-8313.

Park News
* Earth Day April 25 – PVMR fed volunteers in the park who worked on trails, cleaned up the campground, and planted trees.
* Granite Springs Water – There is water flowing at Granite Springs!!
* Adopt a work party – Do you enjoy the trails of Cuyamaca? They desperately need your help. Take one day out of 365 to give to the park. Encourage your club membership to volunteer for a workparty date. This is a good time of year to work on the trails. Information on the CEA website www.cuyamacaequestrian.org
* Trail conditions – Gorgeous!! Grass growing, streams flowing, flowers blooming. Don’t ride on windy days; it’s not safe.
* Clean up trash - Take a few moments to clean up trash left by less considerate folks. Please do not empty your horse trailer manure; load any piles back into your trailer.

* BCHC Los Vaqueros camp and trail work May 7-10 – contact Cheryl Wegner CherylWegner@bchcsd.com

How to Support CEA
o Join CEA, as an individual or club by going to “Join CEA” at www.cuyamacaequestrian.org
o Come to our meetings
o Donate tax deductible funds to further CEA’s work. Mail checks to: CEA, PO Box 79, Descanso, CA 91916.
Your donations are much appreciated in the support of equestrian interests in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. 

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