Update for January 2009

Cuyamaca Equestrian Association
Update for January 2009

Meeting day and location: CEA meeting will be returning to the first Thursday in February at Coco’s restaurant,1324 E. Main Street El Cajon (near Main and 2nd/Jamacha). The meetings start at 7 p.m. Come at 6:30 and have dinner beforehand and visit. The next meeting will be February 5, 2009. Questions or directions: Linda Eskin 619 368-4333 (cell) or linda@lindaeskin.com.

Save Los Caballos: A legal petition was filed to prevent State Parks from proceeding to destroy the historic Los Caballos by skirting the CEQA process.
The first settlement meeting in December between CEA and State Parks was productive enough to plan another settlement meeting which has not yet been scheduled. The holidays have delayed the process. The lawsuit continues to proceed. The lawyers are taking the next step in preparing for trial.

CEA Board Officers
Ernie Smith – Chairperson Bernie Martin – Vice Chairperson Linda Eskin – Secretary
Cindy McKievick – Treasurer Peggy Martin – Immediate Past President
Vickie Cottle and Nola Michel – Directors at Large

Park News
• Trail Machine – As a follow up to a Descanso Planning meeting at which District Superintendent Mike Wells spoke, CEA wrote a letter to him inquiring as to the reasons volunteers aren’t being allowed to use the trail machine that was purchased with volunteer donations and used by trained volunteers without incident.
• Los Caballos Trail – Tied (so far) to the “clean up Los Caballos” project…
• Granite Springs Water – Progress in repairing the pump is on the horizon. Yeah!
• Adopt a work party – Do you enjoy the trails of Cuyamaca? They desperately need your help. Take one day out of 365 to give to the park. Encourage your club membership to volunteer for a workparty date. This is a good time of year to work on the trails. Information on the CEA website www.cuyamacaequestrian.org
• Trail conditions – Areas have trees down from recent winds. Plan your ride to allow time to backtrack if necessary. Allow trails to dry somewhat after rains; be friendly to trails. Don’t ride on windy days; it’s not safe.
• Clean up trash - Take a few moments to clean up trash left by less considerate folks. My gracious, the public makes a mess playing in the snow. Bring a large trash bag along when coming to the park and help out park staff. Please do not empty your horse trailer manure; load any piles back into your trailer. Be good stewards and examples.

Camp and Ride in Borrego – Vern Whitaker Horse Camp
The trails and camp at Vern Whitaker are “fabulous”. Camp spots are available. The weather has been great. The road to the camp is well maintained as well as the camp and trails. “Everyone should make a point to visit soon and take advantage of the jewel of the desert!” Some of the flowers have started to bloom early, lots of water and Dick is a fabulous Camp Host. Thanks to “anonymous camper” for the report.

Federal 501c3 status pending with more information requested by IRS. Board has provided requested documents. Donations will be tax deductible once 501c3 status is obtained. Donations are deductible in the State of California. If you wish to make a tax deductible donation pending approval, R.E.C. (Recreation & Equestrian Coalition) has kindly offered once more to take them for us. Contact Peggy Martin peggy@oakzanitaranch.com 619-445-1289 with any questions.

How to Support CEA
o Join CEA, as an individual or club by going to “Join CEA” at www.cuyamacaequestrian.org
o Come to our meetings
o Donate funds to further CEA’s work. Donations are tax deductible if written to R.E.C. Mail checks to: CEA, PO Box 79, Descanso, CA 91916.
Your donations are much appreciated in the support of equestrian interests in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

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