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Update for May 2008

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
Cuyamaca Equestrian Association
Update for May 2008

Meeting day and location: The first Thursday of each month at Coco’s restaurant,1324 E. Main Street El Cajon (near Main and 2nd/Jamacha) . The meetings start at 7 p.m.. Come at 6:30 and have dinner beforehand and visit. The next meeting will be July 3, 2008. Questions or directions: Linda Eskin 619 368-4333 (cell) or linda@lindaeskin. com.

Park News

• Firewood - Oak firewood $20 a truck load! Get a permit (DPR form 968) at the ranger station at Paso Picacho to pick up your cut, but not split, firewood. Save gas, save money! If you get your wood on a day that you volunteer in the park, your mileage is deductible on your tax return!
• Trail conditions – The park is green, flowers are blooming, water is running. Ride and enjoy the park. Anytime there is a big wind, there are more trees down. Trails Maintenance Unit is working each week to clear the trees. Report downed trees to Ron Matzenaur runningm@cox. net 619-445-8479.
• Fages Ride – Plans are proceeding for the historical celebration ride the weekend of September 26-28, 2008. Ride will be staged at Los Vaqueros Group Camp. Volunteers are needed for putting on this event. Please contact Ernie or Cindy.
• Shelving of proposed Merigan’s horse camp – Due to state financial constraints, plans to develop a horse camp near Merigan’s staging area have been shelved. State Parks may revive the proposal if and when state finances improve. Suggestions are being made for
expanding the staging area, since the studies have been completed.
• Adopt a work party - Encourage your club membership to volunteer for a workparty date in 2008. Information on the CEA website www.cuyamacaequestr Great time of year to work on trails!

Los Caballos Historic Site nomination

Documentation for a Los Caballos historic site nomination is being reviewed by consultant Bill Davis. CEA continues to gather documentation in support of this nomination. The rich history of the area is fascinating to discover and, hopefully, will be included in an inventory of significant historical sites in the north part of the
park. Such an inventory could lead to interpretive exhibits and greater appreciation of the times between the Native American Village and the park.

CEA Gathering- June 12-15, Thursday through Sunday

Register now for the Gathering at the Chaney Ranch, just northwest of Warner Springs. Fees go up June 3. Camp under mature oak trees (water available), ride on your own on adjacent Forest Service lands and around the Ranch. Visit with new and old friends around the campfire. 13 corrals of various sizes are available, first come, first get. $35/person for the weekend.. $10/person for day riding. Children are free. for registration and release forms and information. No need to be a member of any sponsor group; CEA has purchased insurance to cover all participants.

CEA in action – facilitating a solution

CEA was contacted by Terry Wooley-Howe, organizer of AERC rated endurance rides through the park for 10 years without incident or injury. Despite their safety record and ample insurance coverage, concerns had been raised by the park regarding issuing the special events permit. Safety for park visitors was a priority. CEA invited Terry and also Lynda Sterns, representing the NATRC competitive trail riding interests, to meet with CEA representatives and Superintendent Nedra Martinez. Superintendent Martinez explained her concerns, and Terry and Lynda were invited to describe their rides. The face-to-face exchange resulted in mutual understanding of the respective issues and realities. The rides will receive special event permits. Yeah! Thanks to all who participated.

• Miramar Stables is in jeopardy of being closed! Letters are urgently needed in support of this 50 year old facility for our military. Contact Nola Michel, trlrider@san.

How to Support CEA
Cuyamaca Equestrian Association is requesting funds from horse organizations and individual equestrians for the following accounts to further CEA’s work. Donations are tax deductible.

1. Operational Funds for CEA – Make your check out to CEA and write “General Fund” on the memo line.
2. Los Caballos Fund – Make your check out to CEA and write “Los Cab” on the memo line. Fund is for services of consulting attorney Bill Davis and consulting archeologists Kent Schneider PhD and Mark Barnes, PhD working on historic site nomination. Urgent need!!
Matching donation promised for donations $500 or more.

3. Mail checks to: CEA, PO Box 79, Descanso, CA 91916.
Your donations are much appreciated in the support of equestrian interests in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.